Woodfired Grill Bar

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Hoşgeldiniz! Welcome to Woodfired Grill Bar!

Growing up in Adana, South East of the Mediterranean Sea, and home to the Turkish kebap, Khun Metin was raised amidst a thriving food culture. Living amongst a large extended family, Khun Metin and his siblings were put to task from a young age by Hatice Ana, stamping tandir to knead it, and dicing onions and garlic in the kitchen. Food was at the heart of family life and Khun Metin’s Grandfather “Kebabci Yusuf Usta” owned a regionally famous restaurant, selling succulent meat kebap and Mercimek Çorbası. When he passed in 1991, Khun Metin and his uncle helped contribute to the continuation of the restaurant’s success.

Equipped with a love for cooking and a desire to travel, Khun Metin worked in the boating industry for many years, further enhancing his innate skills in hospitality. Originally stepping foot on the tropical island of Phuket for a holiday, Khun Metin soon envisioned bringing an authentic Turkish dining experience to the island, met his wife Grace and made the turquoise waters of Phuket his home.

The gastronomic experience at Woodfired is like no other in Phuket; the wisdom of Adana’s regional cuisine is in Khun Metin’s blood, passed down through generations, inherent knowledge from a family who made their fame through cooking. Rustic, romantic and with a view of elegant sailboats and yachts, Woodfired evokes the spirit of Adana: tables set up for a feast, the Chef’s Table allowing you to order cuts of meat bespoke to your requirements, a bar well-stocked with rich red wine to pair with your steak, and signature cocktails and mocktails to enjoy as the sun goes down.

Follow the aromas of Adana kebap and discover Woodfired, snuggled in the back streets of
Phuket Yacht Haven Marina. A unique Turkish dining experience. Serefe!




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